An Intern Experience

Being an intern for the Gregg is intensive, fun, and full of things to learn. My first day on the job, I was given the task of taking down an exhibition to get ready for the incoming show. I learned how to properly and safely take down pieces made of paper and felt. As I put on the pristine white cloth gloves while standing on tall scaffolding and looked at the tools in front of me (which included but were not limited to power tools) I felt the sense of excitement that this internship would be very interesting. From that day I’ve worked with countless numbers of beautiful pieces of artwork from packing and unpacking some of the pottery collection to photographing paintings and large sculptures. I have created, cut, measured, and hung labels for a small lobby display while learning the aesthetics and application of exhibition installation. Each question I had was answered with knowledge and patience. I was taught about a new computer system for cataloging art, learned more about Microsoft office, while learning organizing tactics. I gradually became familiar with many of the processes that are performed in museums every day.

As well as an arts application major, I am also a designer, and the Gregg allowed me to use those skills to create an info card. The project made me realize that the museum world is not just art history, but it’s also design, research, and communication. Another project I worked on was a blog that entailed all these features, through designing a header, researching for blog posts, and communicating to the public about the Gregg Museum. Yet this internship was not just about art, it was about meeting people, working with professionals, and networking. There were moments when my toes would go numb because the offices were so cold, but in the end the heat of experience warmed me. I enjoyed every second of working with this great staff and learning from each of them. I would like to go to graduate school and get a job in the museum world and this internship has prepared me in so many ways for a bright future in that field.

Sasha A. Campbell
North Carolina State University
Humanities and Social Science, Art Applications/International Studies
Intern for the Gregg Museum

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