Interning at the Gregg: All good things must come to an end.

With just a couple of weeks remaining in my internship here at the Gregg, I thought it might
be a great idea to reflect upon my experience. Interning at the Gregg has been a firsthand experience that has turned out to be great learning opportunity. As a Fashion & Textile Management major, I was not sure which skills I would learn from the Gregg that I would be able to apply into the fashion world. However, looking back at the last few months, I am glad to say that the Gregg has taught me copious amounts of skills that I am excited to apply in the future. I have also worked on a variety of projects which have allowed me to learn about multiple aspects of the museum.

Working with the director, Roger Manley, I assisted in creating contact lists of artists and
museums for the Fall 2012 exhibition. I learned the importance of “casting the net wide” as you never know who just might lend you their pieces. After all, a House of Worth dress as well as a wedding gown from the Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology are currently displayed in the Barkcloth, Bras, and Bulletproof Cotton exhibition. For me, this means that I may never know where I will end up getting an internship or even a job if I don’t seek the opportunities. I also have gotten the chance to work with a few pieces from both exhibitions, whether it was altering a piece so that it would be able to fit into a particular space or writing several posts on the Gregg blog. When I altered a piece in the Textiles of Exile exhibit, I learned the “ins and outs” of caring for these valued pieces. Writing posts for the Gregg blog has helped me learn a lot about historical fashion garments as I did do a little research on the pieces before writing each post. It is both fascinating and beneficial to be able to explain the story behind women’s military uniforms or why cranes exist on a Japanese wedding garment.

Writing posts for the blog has also helped me develop some experience in my degree. My
degree concentration is Brand Management & Marketing and participating in E-Commerce or writing
blog posts is a great way to market a business’s products. Besides working with the director and writing blog posts for the Gregg, I also assisted the museum’s Curator of Education, Zoe Starling, in public relations work. I created contact lists of potential high school and college groups that would benefit in visiting the Gregg, as well as helping add articles to the press binder. Public Relations is a huge aspect of brand management and to be able to define a “target market” as well as understand the importance of collecting press are advantageous skills I have also acquired in my time here at the Gregg. Overall, my experience here has been positive. Besides the many skills I learned while interning, the warm and friendly environment here has definitely made every day one that I looked forward to and something I will truly miss.

-Lerato Tsotetsi, Gregg Museum Spring Intern 2012

One Response to “Interning at the Gregg: All good things must come to an end.”
  1. Amy Strickland says:

    I, also, didn’t know what I would get out of my experience at the Gregg when I started my internship journey, almost 5 years ago. Today, I don’t know where I’d be without that semester of learning. I learned about databases and re-cataloging an entire collection, tediously rolling and wrapping tapestries hundreds of years old, and technical writing for museum collections. SO much learned in such a short time!

    Good luck, Lerato, where ever your journey in Textiles takes you!

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