An Intern Experience: From kilts to quilts

Interning at the Gregg Museum of Art and Design: Fall 2012

A week ago yesterday I excitedly started my internship with the Gregg. I am currently a junior in the College of Design majoring in Design Studies and hoping eventually to become a curator. I was thrilled when I received news that I had gotten this internship because I knew I would gain a lot of experience working in the museum.

So far I have spent my time working with the database, posting flyers for events, sewing on labels and putting away textiles. Every Friday my co-intern, Alessandra, and I have been putting away the textiles used in the Friday Pre-Industrial World Textiles class. Each week textiles are pulled from the Gregg’s collection and then shown to students in class. Alessandra and I are responsible for packing up and putting the textiles back in their appropriate locations. This week the class focused on textiles from Africa.

From kilts to quilts there are all sorts of items from different time periods and places. It is amazing to be able to see these items up close and to personally (and carefully) handle them. I also get to see a variety of new items every week, which is a part of why this internship has been so exciting.

After just the first few days, I am extremely excited for what the next few months hold. It is both fun and interesting to work with the objects, my fellow interns, and the staff here at the Gregg. I look forward to learning more about the exhibits and museum work in general!

Kirsten Wyatt, Gregg Museum Fall Intern 2012

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