Fall 2012 Exhibitions Opening Attendance Encourages Bright Future

Fall 2012 Exhibitions Opening Attendance Encourages Bright Future

The Gregg Museum of Art & Design would like to thank all of the wonderful guests who attended the first opening of the season last week.  On display are three mind-bending exhibitions that are sure to leave quite an impression on future attendees. The first exhibit, ‘SPIRIT- FIRE – SHAKE!’ features the art of Renée Stout, Kevin Sampson, and Odinga Tyehimba. All three artists evoke a certain reflection and social commentary on the Afro-Americana experience.  From a rootworker’s table to grand divine altars, the pieces are sure to stir interesting reactions in the people who come to see them.

For the more eco-minded art connoisseurs the exhibition, ‘STREAMING: New Art from Old Bottles’ is sure to please.  Not only is it visually impressive, it makes a loud statement about the possibilities of everyday wasted materials and reveals a new use for recyclable items. The exhibition is a great example of how NC State prides itself as an artistically inclined scientific community and is worth checking out.

The featured exhibition in the gallery is ‘Art Without Artists,’ showcased in the main gallery.  The show is a thought-provoking display that challenges what people consider as art and is very Dada at its core. From gas masks to old French beauty supplies to an airplane propeller, the exhibition takes your mind to new heights in terms of what one is willing to see as art and what is not.

Overall, the wonderful turn-out at the art opening is an encouraging sight in the bright future of The Gregg Museum of Art & Design. The current exhibitions will be on display until December 16th, 2012 so be sure to check it out before then.

In the coming months there will be many more events to check out.  Just to name a few, on Thursday October 11 at 6 pm ‘The Ancestors Return’ event is sure to be an exciting presentation of chief priest Babalawo Ifaniyi Akintunde, founder of the Temple of Light and Progress, about African culture including a Yoruba –inspired ceremony; on Tuesday October 16th from 12 to 1 pm Gregg Museum Director Roger Manley will conduct a walk through and talk about the ‘Art Without Artists’ exhibit; and for all those who are curious about the future Gregg Museum location, there is the ‘Art Outside the Box’ outdoor event at 1903 Hillsborough St on October 28, which will feature free food, drinks, artist workshops, and entertainment!
-Alessandra Motola, Gregg Intern, Fall 2012

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