The fringe, the far flung and the FARFETCHED!

The fringe, the far flung and the FARFETCHED!

As a child I can remember even the mildest of Nancy Drew mysteries causing me immense fear and horror with every creak or footstep in my house.  Never one to take the farfetched lightly, my imagination has always been able to allow for the unrealistic to gain access to my own reality.  Though now a grown college student, I cannot help but let the unimaginable still penetrate my thoughts, especially as an intern for the Gregg Museum this semester.

The first exhibition I have been able to get a sneak peak of is FARFETCHED.  A visual conglomeration and rapture of the mind into mad science, fringe architecture and visionary engineering will engulf you upon entrance into the Gregg.

This multi-artist exhibition encompasses sparkling minds and passionate characters that share their many thoughts and notions of the farfetched through architectural drawings and physical works, concept pieces, artifacts and objects.

Beyond wild and whimsical, many works align themselves with reality by bringing mystery and science fiction into identifiable imagery and context.  By utilizing multilingual phrases and words the reality of globalization is acknowledged along with an historical reference to timelessness.  This is particularly visible as nuances allude to our own art history as flowing art nouveau lines, modern minimalism or stark industrialism is explored.  In addition, our vocabulary is affected with words like “parlor” and “cathedral” that bring unrealistic structures into out realistic vocabularies and align themselves in an historical context.

Whether this is a barrage of satire criticizing our own world, or a genuine portrayal of a potential future ready to manifest itself one day, the exhibitions’ artists carefully allude to our reality in order to bring their own artistic veracity to life.

The curation of this exhibition will also take you on an extraordinary journey. Be sure to be mindful of this, particularly at the beginning of your journey.  After stepping beneath a canyon wall of mathematical hieroglyphs and sketches you are flooded with myriad of otherworldly imagery and objects.  To your right you will notice a 19th century phrenology shocking device.  This object of this–worldliness appeared to me like roots that ground all of the fantastical and far flung works throughout the exhibition, a reminder that our own history involves points in time that today seem thoroughly farfetched and intrinsically links our reality with more wild notions

What is real and what is beyond our imagination?  Come see for yourself and immerse yourself in the reality of FARFETCHED.

-Dianna MacFarland Baptista, Gregg Intern Spring 2013

Charles Dellshau, Airship 4474 (1919), collection of Stephen Romano

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