Behind-the-scenes tour at the Gregg’s interim facility

Mary Hauser shows visitors some textiles

The Gregg’s interim facility was open to the public on March 18th from 1:30 – 2:30 pm. This was the last scheduled public tour before the museum starts to get ready for the big move. Museum team members Zoe Starling (Curator of Education) and Mary Hauser (Registrar) provided tours to the visitors. Throughout the tour, Starling and Hauser explained to the guests the meticulous process of cultivating a collection of over 34,000 objects. They also discussed the layout of the new Gregg Museum and answered the guests’ questions about the future plans of the Gregg.

A group of visitors gathered around a table looking at outsider art

Curator of Education, Zoe Starling (second from foreground) show visitors some outsider art

Until the new Gregg is completed, the interim facility currently houses the Gregg offices and collections as well as provides as a space for class visits and object study. Exhibitions and other large Gregg Museum events take place at other surrounding institutions for now. Visitors were able to walk throughout the space and see first-hand how the collection is archived and stored. Starling and Hauser also provided information on the types of classes that take place there. The interim facility is a great location for these classes, since it provides students with the opportunity to learn from objects in person rather than through a screen or textbook.

Mary Hauser shows visitors some textiles

Registrar, Mary Hauser (far right) shows visitors some textiles

By the end of the event, the guests had a comprehensive knowledge of the internal workings of the Gregg Museum. Guests also became familiar with the Gregg Team and the exciting plans they have once the new Gregg Museum is completed. After the building is finished, the collection will be moved from Gregg’s interim facility to the newly renovated historic chancellor’s residence plus 15,000 sq ft addition at 1903 Hillsborough St. The grand opening is projected to take place in the spring of 2017.

Visitors look at textiles

Visitors look at textiles with Registrar, Mary Hauser (left)

For more information about the new facility, visit:

–Kyle Canter, Arts Studies and History Major, Spring 2016 Intern


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