Jennifer Baichwal’s documentary shines light on Manufactured Landscapes

Manufactured Landscapes On Thursday, April 21st, the Gregg Museum of Art and Design held a movie screening at the Erdahl-Cloyd Theater in DH Hill Library. The film shown, Manufactured Landscapes, gave the packed audience in the theater an insight into the seemingly dystopian landscapes of modern China. Due to China’s prominence in manufacturing, much of … Continue reading

The Fascinating World of clay animator, Bruce Bickford

question and answer session with Brett Ingram

On Wednesday, April 6th,  I attended a showing of Brett Ingram’s Monster Road organized by the Gregg Museum. The film is a documentary exploring the wildly fantastic worlds of legendary underground clay animator Bruce Bickford. This documentary catches up with Bickford, known for his far-out animated collaborations with rock musician Frank Zappa during the ’70s. … Continue reading

Reflections on “A Thin Green Line”

Green Tree Frog

On Monday, April 4th, I had the pleasure of attending the film screening A Thin Green Line organized by the Gregg Museum. The event was one of many publicized by The Disappearing Frog Art Project, which has worked to bring awareness about the environmental concerns surrounding frogs and other amphibians in North Carolina. According to … Continue reading

Behind-the-scenes tour at the Gregg’s interim facility

Mary Hauser shows visitors some textiles

The Gregg’s interim facility was open to the public on March 18th from 1:30 – 2:30 pm. This was the last scheduled public tour before the museum starts to get ready for the big move. Museum team members Zoe Starling (Curator of Education) and Mary Hauser (Registrar) provided tours to the visitors. Throughout the tour, … Continue reading

Hands on internship experience– up close and personal with world textiles

Students standing around a table looking at colorful textiles

Interning at the Gregg Working as an intern at Gregg Museum of Art and Design provides a backstage pass into a museum environment. As a Visual Art Studies major, my degree has focused on many classes emphasizing art history and production. I have often been told that seeing artwork as a power point presentation on … Continue reading

Giant puppets provide inspiration and magic

Du Royal de Luxe review by intern, Kelsey On October 15, the Gregg Museum of Art & Design presented a colossal film in a small room of the Talley Student Union. Du Royal de Luxe captures the journey of the French street theater company “Royal de Luxe” as they maneuver their massive marionettes through big … Continue reading

The Warmth of Rural Academy Theater

The Rural Academy Theater Show Summary by Intern Kimmie On Sunday, October 18th, 2015, I attended a show by The Rural Academy Theater. The show was located on Stafford Commons, which is the field right behind Talley Student Union. There were two caravans parked on the grass along with multiple bales of hay and a … Continue reading

Handmade Puppet Dreams Recap by intern, Emily

Short puppet films and their place in the digital age On September 10, 2015, the Gregg Museum hosted a viewing of a series of short films, all featuring puppetry. The show took place in the Talley Student Union on NC State’s campus. The room quickly filled up with curious students, a class, and a number … Continue reading

Intern Review– A/V Geeks Presents: O Puppet Pioneers!

A/V Geeks at the Hunt Library On Friday, August 28, I attended the A/V Geeks short film showing at the Hunt Library. The event was the joint effort of the Gregg Museum and NCSU Libraries. The event was being hosted at the common wall in Hunt Library. There’s amphitheater type seating with cushions facing a … Continue reading

Who came up with that?

Think of an activity that you do every day. Is it something like brushing your teeth, taking a shower, or even turning on a lamp? Now, when was the last time you asked yourself who came up with this object? The toothpaste tube, the brush, the lamp, the bottle of soap – these are all … Continue reading

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