What do John Menapace’s abstract photographs mean? -intern, Alexandra

Greetings my name is Alexandra Stafford, and I recently concluded my internship with the Gregg Museum of Art & Design at NC State. I wanted to write a little bit about the influential photographer, John Menapace whose work I cataloged during my time at the Gregg. John Menapace was born and raised in Mt. Carmel, … Continue reading

Caroline Vaughan’s Portraits make me wish I was an Old Lady!

Caroline Vaughan’s Portraits make me wish I was an Old Lady! (by Spring 2014 intern, Alexandra) While interning at the Gregg Museum of Art and Design, I came across many photographs from the Caroline Vaughan collection. This was partly because Caroline Vaughan is one of the first donors to donate her entire life’s collection to … Continue reading

Intern Meredith, “wears” a dress from the collection!

In my role as an intern at the Gregg Museum, I have pulled hundreds of items throughout the semester for students in the Pre-Industrial World Textiles class taught by Susan Brandeis through the College of Design at NC State. Each week this class focuses on one region, and it was my job to bring out … Continue reading

Batik Buddha highlights origin of technique

As a senior majoring in Visual Arts, having the opportunity to become an intern at the Gregg Museum for the semester was an amazing experience because it allowed me to see behind the scenes of the museum and to learn what it takes to produce incredible shows and exhibitions within the art world. It also … Continue reading

Poster art as a “weapon” in the Russian Revolution

Poster and propaganda art of the 20th century has always interested me. One can see through the visual imagery of the time the true essence of public opinion and the political ideology of the era. Working at the Gregg Museum of Art & Design this semester I noticed the Museum had an extensive collection of … Continue reading

Intern Anna gets inspired by Photographer, Alan Cohen’s NOW series

In my time interning at the Gregg Museum, I have had the privilege of photographing many objects and pieces of art that are a part of the collection. I have seen many textiles, ceramics, and paintings, but my favorite pieces that I have worked with so far have been the series of photographs by Alan … Continue reading

Remembering Chris Hondros

Remembering Chris Hondros As an Intern at the Gregg Museum of Art & Design at NC State University, I get to see a little bit of the behind the scenes of what goes into making the museum what it is including objects in the permanent collection, which are in the storage areas. The photographs by … Continue reading

Intern Distraction

Intern Distraction The best way I could have imagined spending my last semester of college and completing a degree in Art Studies was in a museum. I am lucky enough this semester to get hands on experience with the art in the Gregg Museum by conducting an inventory on the objects in the permanent collection. … Continue reading

Response to the opening of “Theater of Belief: Kings, Chiefs, and Women of Power”

Exotic is the first term that came to mind when I scanned the gallery at the just-opened exhibition “Theater of Belief: Kings, Chiefs, and Women of Power” at the Frankie G.Weems Gallery at Meredith College, featuring photographs by Phyllis Galembo. Then lots more words came tumbling in—dignified, noble, colorful, fascinating, beautiful, curious, amusing, ancient, modern—in … Continue reading

The fringe, the far flung and the FARFETCHED!

The fringe, the far flung and the FARFETCHED! As a child I can remember even the mildest of Nancy Drew mysteries causing me immense fear and horror with every creak or footstep in my house.  Never one to take the farfetched lightly, my imagination has always been able to allow for the unrealistic to gain … Continue reading

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